Fiscal Responsibility


Fiscal Responsibility

America needs to have a kitchen table conversation. Along with many of his colleagues in the 2010 freshman class, Rep. Kelly has played a role in changing the debate in Washington from “How much money can we spend?” to “How can the government learn to live within its means?” Despite all the bickering in Washington,  both sides of the aisle are now acknowledging that we cannot continue to bankrupt our nation and compromise the future for our children and grandchildren, Just like hardworking families throughout western Pennsylvania, Washington must learn to tighten its belt and make the tough choices today so that our children have a brighter tomorrow.

Mike has supported, voted for and co-sponsored multiple pieces of legislation that aim to reduce the size and scope of government and get our debt under control. As long as he is serving the 3rd Congressional District, Mike will continue to be an unwavering voice for fiscal responsibility in Washington.

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